Hybrid J.D.'s and Online Masters Programs

We help your school leverage faculty strengths as your instructors transition into an online course environment.

As law schools move from being sole J.D. providers to comprehensive legal educators, BARBRI Legal Ed supports your expansion by handling everything from market research to recruitment support to marketing.

Did you know that over the past several years, BARBRI Legal Ed has successfully collaborated with all tiers of law schools to deliver hybrid J.D programs? BARBRI Legal Ed has helped develop and deliver more than 30 graduate programs since 2012.

In today's changing world and with an increasingly comfortable-online student base, would you like your school to deliver a J.D., LL.M., Juris Master, or similar program in a distance learning format?

Hybrid J.D.'s

Hybrid J.D.'s are a great way to meet today's technology-savvy future lawyers where they are. The ABA’s 2018 revision of Standard 306 lets schools offer at least 1/3 of JD coursework online, including 10 1L credits, increasing student inclusivity and opportunities for non-traditional students. Seeking an ABA acquiescence can expand that online coursework even more.

We can help your school leverage and optimize faculty strengths as your instructors transition into an online course environment, provide LMS and instructional design support, and offers class monitoring and technology assistance. Courses are created that meet the same academic rigor as traditional in-classroom courses, with concrete learning objectives and innovative pedagogy. As a full-service provider, BARBRI Legal Ed takes on the burden of marketing and promotion, retention, and operational support. By partnering with BARBRI Legal Ed, your school will benefit by expanding applicant pools and markets.

LLM's and Juris Masters Programs

BARBRI Legal Ed develops and delivers distance learning masters programs to diversify traditional programs and build up surpluses to support your core J.D. mission. With experience in building and launching more than 30 programs to both lawyers and non-lawyer professionals from around the world, BARBRI Legal Ed has been able to help law schools build and expand on their areas of academic expertise.

Whether as part of a new Hybrid JD Program, a new LLM or Juris Masters, or through simply increasing student flexibility in existing programs, BARBRI Legal Ed can help your law school innovate to bring legal education to more students.

Benefits to Your School

  • Working with teams highly experienced in both legal education and distance learning
  • Diversifying legal education beyond the traditional in-person J.D. program
  • Establishing additional revenue sources to cover/enhance budgets
  • Leveraging existing faculty strengths your school’s reputation
  • Expanding applicant pools and markets

School & Distance Learning Responsibilities


"Overall great experience and class. Professor was great and so was the material taught."

Student in Spring Corporate Finance

"I enjoyed taking Conflicts of Law! Whenever I had a question, there was always immediate feedback (within 24-48 hours) which made the online course excellent. As a part-time student who currently works full time during the day, the flexibility of the course was greatly appreciated."

Student in Spring Conflict of Laws

“I really loved this class. The professor did an amazing job of breaking down the content and relaying what an actual attorney in this area would deal with in everyday life. This has been one of my favorite classes I have taken in law school.”

Student in Sports Law

“The instructor was passionate, knowledgeable and did a wonderful job summarizing the material in the video lectures. I enjoyed the professor.”

Student in Fall Criminal Procedure