Curriculum & Assessment

Because law schools get measured too.

The Bar Exam passage rates of your students is one of the measures of your law school’s success. That’s why BARBRI Legal Ed provides unique curriculum and ongoing formative assessment all proven to increase those vital positive outcomes. Targeted instruction, measurement and remediation give you a clear picture of your students’ core knowledge, cognitive skill and complex problem-solving abilities that help them optimize their law school learning while grooming them for higher bar exam pass rates.

Our three-tiered approach supports the entire student lifecycle:

1: Pre-Law Skills Resource Series:

Help students finish strong before they even start law school.

The pressures and demands of law school can be overwhelming – especially for the underprepared. Now you can give your entering students a true window into the law school experience before day one of 1L. This course increases overall readiness, advances the necessary skills, and hones the focus of all admitted students.

2: Legal Education Resource Series:

A simple, proven theory: If you build better students, you’ll have better results.

We believe that good legal reasoning is good legal reasoning, whether on a multiple-choice question, an essay question or in the practice of law. BARBRI’s 2L Advanced Legal Methods Curriculum and 3L Extended Bar Review Curriculum teach critical comprehension and legal reasoning skills while reinforcing the most bar exam tested rules of law. Both courses can be taught by your BARBRI-trained or delivered as a distance education course.
Our industry-first and industry-leading online Formative Assessment System and MBE Item Bank give law faculty an easy way to readily and logically integrate practice questions into their existing classes. Analysis and reporting tools track student progress over time, so any necessary remediation can begin as early as possible.

3: Post-Law and Bar Review Resource Series:

Your students won’t just pass the bar. They’ll own the bar.

Their dream of being licensed attorneys meets the realities of the most successful bar review course of all time – BARBRI. It’s an intuitive, innovative study experience that’s personalized and backed by over 50 years of bar review data to be incredibly effective at prepping students for exactly what they’ll face on exam day. Better yet, your faculty and bar support professionals will have access to real-time reporting throughout the course to monitor student progress and performance.